Personalities – Writers – Caricatures – Tullio Pericoli

milan kundera, jacques lacan, tommaso landolfi, laurel and hardy, stan laurel, oliver hardy, john le carré, d.h. lawrence, le corbusier, paul léautaud, david leavitt, giacomo leopardi, doris lessing, primo levi, mario vargas llosa, jack london, federico garcía lorca, martín lutero, arthur machen, bernard malamud, malcolm x, stéphane mallarmé, giorgio manganelli, golo mann, thomas mann, alessandro manzoni, herbert marcuse, fillippo marinetti, gabriel garcía márquez, fratelli marx, marx brothers, karl marx, w. somerset maugham, carson mccullers, guy de maupassant, ian mcewan, herman melville, izrail metter, gustav meyrink, moliere, michel de montaigne, manuel vázquez montalbán, eugenio montale, elsa morante, alberto moravia, enrico morovich, wolfgang amadeus mozart, abdul rahman munif, yi mun-yol, robert musil, v.s. naipaul, flannery o’connor, michael ondaatje, george orwell, dorothy parker, pier paolo pasolini, boris pasternak, octavio paz, daniel pennac, george perec, fernando pessoa, renzo piano, luigi pirandello, edgar allan poe, karl popper, ezra pound, marcel proust, alexander pushkin, pu songling, raymond queneau, françois rabelais, jean renoir, rainer maria rilke, arthur rimbaud, franz rosenzweig, aldo rossi, philip roth, salman rushdie, john ruskin, bertrand russell, nayantara sahgal, saki, h.h. munro, lous andreas-salomé, josé saramago, jean-paul sartre, fritz saxl, leonardo sciascia, arthur schnitzler, arnold schoenberg, william shakespeare, georges, simenon, edith sitlwell, stephen sondheim, art spiegelman, saul steinberg, stendhal, lawrence sterne, robert louis stevenson, igor stravinsky, august strindberg, italo svevo, antonio tabucchi, vittorio taviani, paolo taviani, dylan thomas, tatyana tolstaya, leo tolstoy, leon trotsky, mark twain, giuseppe ungaretti, john updike, giorgio vasari, paul verlaine, gore vidal, auguste villiers de l’isle-adam, luchino visconti, voltaire, kurt vonnegut, max weber, simone weil, orson welles, h.g. wells, oscar wilde, ludwig wittgenstein, p.g. wodehouse, christa wolf, tom wolfe, virginia woolf, zhang xianliang, william butler yeats, marguerite yourcenar, émile zola

Mythology & Fairy Tale – Witches & Wizards

tags: witches, witch, The Great Movie Ride, wicked witch, witch hat, witch hats, broom, brooms, witch broom, witch brooms, flying broom, flying brooms, Encyclopedia of Occultism, occult, magic, wizard, wizards, witch costume, witch costumes, wizard costume, wizard costumes, cat, cats, black cat, black cats, voodoo, Salem Witch Trials, Howard Pyle, grace sherwood, ducking, witch ducking, walter crane, the baby’s bouquet, baby’s bouquet

Mythology & Fairy Tale – Monsters & Devils+++

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tags: monster, monsters, devil, devils, scare, scaring, scary, creature, creatures, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, murderer, murderers, serial killer, serial killers, horror, horror movie, horror movies, The First Power, hell, demon, demons, Giuseppi Arcimboldo, costume, costumes, Krampus, evil, evils, Gremlins, Stripe, gremlin, mask, masks, disguise, disguises, martian, martians, King Kong, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Mask, Jim Carey, Godzilla, Toad, Mystique, X-Men, dragon, dragons, Dracula, vampire, vampires, ogre, ogres, Martin Schongauer, Lord of Illusions, Phantom of the Opera, mogwai, Gizmo, Loch Ness Monster, Antonio Pollaiuolo, The Battle of Naked Men, Fra Angelico, The Last Judgment, Snake Woman, Inception of Saint Anthony, Goya, cyclops, 20 Million Miles to Earth, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Eyes Without a Face, goblin, goblins, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Zoo Ship, Night of the Demons, bat, bats, Planet of the Apes, Helena Bonham Carter, Freddie Kruger, Nightmare on Elm Street, serpent, serpents, ritual america, rosicrucian, kabbalistic, kabbala, ritual america, circe pouring poison into a vase and awaiting the arrival of ulysses, edward burne-jones, werewolf, werewolves, fenrir, tyr, romulus and remus, charles la brun, universal judgement, Giacomo Brogi Fotografo, St. George, Paolo Uccello

Mythology & Fairy Tale – Animals & Creatures

tags: fairy tale, fairy tales, animal, animals, fantastic and mythical, fantastic animal, fantastic animals, mythical animal, mythical animals, made-up animal, made-up animals, dragon, dragons, Pegasus, the greater pacific reefrooter, the greater pacific reefrooters, snorkelswine, snorkelswines, chinese dragon, chinese dragon, sea monster, sea monsters, folklore, unicorn, unicorns, Loch Ness monster, nessie, lernaean hydra, wantley dragon, mermaid, mermaids, serpent, serpents, sea creature, sea creatures, mythical sea creature, mythical sea creatures, taxes wind, Kansas corn, woolly bear, sidehill dodger, swan valley monster, Nebraska pumpkins, fur-bearing trout, giant grasshoppers, ice-worm cocktails, gillygaloo, febold feboldson, hoop snake, the little mosquitoes, human hibernation, big rock candy mountains, Jim Bridger, petrified man, Davy Jone’s locker, Giacomo Brogi Fotografo, centaur, centaurs, Minicam Monthly, Irwin Blumfeld

Personalities – Entertainment – Male – Jack Lemmon

Irma La Douce, Some Like It Hot, Mister Roberts’, There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills, Young Woodley, Brighter Day, Kraft Theater, Shadow and Substance, Studio One, It Should Happen to You!, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Room Service, Days of Wine and Roses, Save the Tiger, Missing, The China Syndrome, The Apartment, Juno and the Paycock, Apron Strings, The Power of Darkness, Death Takes a Holiday, Lady Windermere’s Fan, Three men on a Horse, Toni Twin Time, The Ad-Libbers, That Wonderful Guy, The Couple Next Door, Heaven for Betsy, I Love Lucy, Phffft!, Three For The Show, The Long Gray Line, Ford Star Jubilee Theater’s The Day Lincoln Was Shot, Fire Down Below,Operation Madball, My Sister Eileen, Cowboy, A Twist of Lemmon, With All My Love, Bell & Book and Candle, Saturday Review, The Notorious Landlady, Under the Yum-Yum Tree, Good Neighbor Sam, The Great Race, The Fortune Cookie, The Odd Couple, The Out-of-Towners, Kotch, Avanti!, The Front Page, Face of a Hero, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, Jack Lemmon: His Films and Career, The China Syndrome, Tribute, Buddy Buddy, Missing, Mass Appeal, Macaroni, Broadway on Showtime, That’s Life, The Murder of Mary Phagan

Advertising – Corporate Publications & Annual Reports

Dr Pepper, Financial Highlights, Financial Positions, Distribution of Revenue, Shareholders, Marketing, Corporate Objectives, Vending, Fast food, Packaging, Organization, International Expansion, Progress, Quality Control, Strikes, BFGoodrich, Operating Data, The Interpublic Group of Companies Inc, Consolidated Statement, Equity, Income, Balance Sheet

Jewelry & Gems

jewelry, jewel, jewels, precious stones, precious stone, precious stone jewelry, mercredi, cameos, diamond, diamond jewelry, emerald jewelry, sapphire jewelry, movado, paulette goddard, piaget, ruby jewelry, chanel, fine jewelry, clutch, clutches, necklace, necklaces, ring, rings, bracelets, bracelet, earring, earrings, scarab, scarabs, onyx, onyx jewelry, filligree, filligree jewelry, morning star gallery, bulga, pendant, pendants, topaz, topaz jewelry, david webb, fine jewels, pearl pearl jewelry, pearls, ultima, opal, opal jewelry, chrysoberyl, chrysoberyl jewelry, demantoid garnet, jewelry box, jewelry boxes, mele, jewel case, jewel cases, mosaico, mosaico jewelry, powellato, inlay stone, inlay stones, kabana, pink coral sugilite, lapis, turquoise, malachite, malachite jewelry, turquoise jewelry, lapis jewelry, pink coral jewelry, men’s jewelry, anson, metal jewelry, metal,h.l. gross and brothers, jeweler, jewelers, goblet, goblets, pin, pins, jeudi, esslinger and company, eric hilton, watch, watches, da gold, gold, golds, tiffany and company, cartier, christian dior, mark stanitz, gary noffke, arline fisch, bob ebendorf, eleanor moty, ronald hayes pearson, heikki seppa, knife, knives, faberge, faberge egg, faberge eggs, garfinckel’s, robinson’s, goldwaters, the penland school of crafts, gold alloy, tracy bowden, gem jewelry, gem, roses, rose jewelry, canary diamonds, canary diamond, fred leighton, van cleef and arpels, gemstone, gemstones, lesser george, order of the bath, order of st. patrick, badge, badges, rhinestone, rhinestones, ring, rings, harry winston, purse, purses, clutch, clutches, emerald, emeralds, cabochon emerald, diamond ring, butterfly, butterfly jewelry, owl ,owl jewelry, valente, white gold, amethyst, citrine, topaz, garnet, sapphire, barney’s, mallary marks, black starr and gorham, carolee, bloomingdale’s, charles krypell, garrard, carimati, bulgari, flower, flowers, flower jewelry, jewelry catalog, jewelry catalogs, quartz, rhodochrosite crystal, judith jack, zircon, diamond, star-patterned gem, star-patterned gems, columbia, crystural, the russian flux, white gold, star sapphire, star sapphires, william levine, sunstone, sunstones, beryl, tumble silica gem, tumble silica gems, tanzanite, peridot, sphene, sphenes, topaz, the star of the east, royal Spanish emerald, catherine the great’s sapphire, the hope diamond, gem ruby, jonker diamond, italian renaissance gold, M. Halberstadt, jeweled animals

Jewelry & Gems – Crowns & Symbolic

Tiara, Napoleon, Josephine, Shah Jahan, Mumtaz Mahal, Marie Louise, Turquoise, Cabochons, Sotheby’s New York, Faberge Imperial Easter Egg, Czar Nicholas II, Czarine Alexandra, City of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Cornelians, Empress  Josephine, Circlet, Thotmose III, Metropolitan Museum of New York, Visigothic, Etruscan, Roman, Greek, Rene Lalique, Christian IV of Denmark, Thirty Years’ War, Christina, Czar, Ivan the Terrible, Crown of St. Wenceslas of Bohemia, Mary Queen of Scots, Crown of Scotland, Sicily, Bavarian, Elizabeth II, Imperial State Crown, Queen Maria Pia of Savoy, Headdress, Egyptian Queen, Blue Glass, St. George, 1st Century BC, Gold alloy, Romano-British, Celtic-Saxon, Wari, Ear ornaments, neck ring, Antiques Magazine

Geography – United States – Las Vegas

Geography – United States – Las Vegas tags: Las Vegas, Nevada, tourism, tourist, tourists, casino, casinos, gambling, gambler, gamblers, gamble, hotel, hotels, the legendary sounds hotel, santi visalli, angelo sanna, chef, chefs, baccarat room, mgm ground, performance, performers, performer, performing, floorshow, floorshows, stardust, enter the night, golden nugget, casino royale, excalibur, circus circus, desert, barbary coast, spellbound, harrah’s, las vegas skyline, skyline, skylines, gamblers general store, hard rock hotel, christmas tree, christmas trees, flamingo’s casino, players island resort, players island casino, mesquite, santi visalli, dive!, themed restaurant, gimmick, themed hotel, replica, caesar’s palace, fake, tourist attraction, treasure island, theme park, luxor, pyramid, sphinx, mccarran international airport, nevada landing casino, highway 15, luxor fountain, light show, special effects projection, harrah’s, MGM grand, MGM grand hotel, MGM theme park, christmas tree, fermont street, fermont, neon lights, neon sign, neon signs, excalbibur hotel and casino, excalibur hotel, excalibur casino, the stratosphere, tallest building in the west

Illustration – Children’s Books – Pre-1920’s +++

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Illustration – Children’s Books – Pre-1920’s

tags:  primer, learning, learn, educational, education, learn to read, picture book, kids, children, child, kid, rockwell kent, walter crane, baby’s bouquet, betsy butterfly, harry l smith, harry smith, bernard b de monvel, century magazine, maginel wright enright, oliver herford, harper’s, baby’s bouquet, walter crane

Illustration – Children’s Books – 1940-1979 +++

Illustration – Children’s Books – 1940-1979

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tags: primer, learning, learn, educational, education, learn to read, picture book, kids, children, child, kid, john dukes mckee, zoo, circus, e.b. white, eb white, charlotte’s web, garth williams, rupert, alfred bestall, little red riding hood, where the wild things are, maurice sendak, sylvester and the magic pebble, sylvester & the magic pebble, william steig, isaac bashevis singer, elijah the slave, antonio frasconi, milton glaser, life, robert wallace, limerick, rhyme, nursery rhyme, the snowflake and the starfish, the snowflake & the starfish, robert nathan, james lewicki, the wizard of oz, the wonderful wizard of oz, w w denslow, denslow, l frank baum, brigitte smith, muchen, the cat in the hat, dr seuss, alphabet,  home week at hickory grove, oliver herford, iris beatty johnson, children, boys, friends

Illustration – Children’s Books – 1980-1989 +++

Illustration – Children’s Books – 1980-1989

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tags: primer, learning, learn, educational, education, learn to read, picture book, kids, children, child, kid, charlotte cheetham, master of disaster, barbara ware holmes, john himmelman, faye and dolores, barbara samuels, duncan & dolores, duncan and dolores, bowker, bonus, fairy tales, dragon, adelaide and the night train, liz rosenberg, lisa desimini, adventures of johnny may, robbie branscum, deborah howland, getting rid of aunt edna, frieda hughes, ed levine, ali baba, forty thieves, margaret early, mother goose, tail feathers from mother goose, opie rhyme, book, tomi ungerer, beast of monsieur racine, young lions, toshi yoshida, phil omel, the philharmonic gets dressed, karla kuskin, marc simont, bea and mr jones, amy schwartz, the bicycle man, allen say, madeline, ludwig bemelmans, the polar express, chris van allsburg, a sendak nutcracker, maurice sendak, richard rosenblum, the old synagogue, brave irene, william steig, rumpelstiltskin paul o zelinsky, enjoy the wonderful world of children’s books, virginia hamilton, the people could fly, diane dillon, heron street, moose in the garden, tenniel, alice in wonderland

Illustration – Children’s Books – 1990-Present +++

Illustration – Children’s Books – 1990-Present

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tags: primer, learning, learn, educational, education, learn to read, picture book, kids, children, child, kid, mr floop’s lunch, matt novak, housekeeper of the wind, christine widman, lisa desimini, werewolves, jon izzard, little red riding hood, the story of little black sambo, helen bannerman, hilary & the lions, hilary and the lions, frank desaix, debbi durland desaix, first things first, charlotte voake, the bear’s autumn, keizaburo tejima, cat at bat, john stadler, the boy and the ghost, robert d san souci, theboy of the three-year nap, allen say, dianne snyder