Astronomy – Galaxies

Astronomy – Galaxies

tags: astronomy, galaxy, galaxies, black hole, black holes, galaxy ngc 7742, andromeda galaxy, star, stars, spiral cloud, m-100, whirlpool galaxy, stephan’s quintet, golden galaxy, m-81, ngc 1097, milky way galaxy, m82, ngc 5364, the mice, sombrero galaxy, spiral galaxy, spiral galaxies, volans, constellation, constellations, flying fish, barred spiral galaxy, fornax, ngc 1365, virgo cluster, starburst galaxy, Centaurus, southern milky way, Sagittarius, radio galaxy, radio galaxies, centarus a, virgo cluster, elliptical galaxy, elliptical galaxies, m87, spiral galaxy, spiral galaxies, hydra, dusty spiral, dust spiral, elliptical galaxy, elliptical galaxies, universe, milky way galaxy, theta ophiuci, e e barnard, e.e. barnard, spiral galaxy, composite diagram, composite diagrams, coma berenices

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