Architecture – Details – Gargoyles

Architecture – Details – Gargoyles

tags: architecture, architectural detail, architectural details, gargoyle, gargoyles, stone gargoyle, nightmares in the sky, stephen king, f-stop fitzgerald, university of pennsylvania, the washington cathedral, face, faces, serpent, serpents, park avenue south, department of justice building, wrigley building, chicago, grotesque, stone grotesque, stone grotesques, granite, four deuces club, milwaukee, federal building, u.s. courthouse, philadelphia, new york city, central park west, inman square, boston, city hall philadelphia, rain spout, rain spouts, frank zic, roger morigi, vincent palumbo, flying buttress, flying buttresses, brooklyn museum, washington d.c., anonymous arts recovery society, collection of irreplaceable artifacts, furness building, child foundation chicago, the rodin museum, graceland cemetary, armory square, cathedral, paris, france, french, stone


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