Geography – Europe – Romania

Geography – Europe – Romania

tags: Romanian, Romanians, Transylvanian, Transylvanians, Transylvania, peasant, peasants, kathleen laraia mclaughlin, birth of florica, sarbi, maramures, valeni, spinning, rug, rugs, wool, spindle, yarn, wilhelm tobien, hemp, embroidery, embroider, silk, waistcoat, waistcoats, Putna, Bucovina, Rucar, gypsy, gypsies, Balcic, Romanian, Romanians, dorothy hosmer, putna monastery, putna, stephen the great, bucovina, bride, brides, marriage, marriages, lace, sighisoara, schassburg, saxon, tower of the hour, sibiu, turnisor, bucharest, onion, onions, string of onions, hora, woolen, colorized, sucevita, spinnery, married, spindles, bucharest, basket, baskets, farmer, farming, farms, farm, wedding, weddings, bucolic, scarecrow, scarecrows, wilhelm tolbien, baptized, baptize, baptism, cernauti, bucovnia, rasinari, transylvania


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