Advertising – Food – 1940-1949

Advertising – Food – 1940-1949

tags: advertising, advertisement, advertisements, ad, ads, food advertisement, food advertisements, food ad, food ads, food advertising, lemon and water, California Sunkist Lemons, milky way, housewives, housewife, peanut brittle, Meadors’ Peanut Brittle, double boiler, quaker oats, mayonnaise, salad dressing, Ann Page, macaroni, spaghetti, jelly, preserves, pudding, peanut butter, ketchup, tomato soup, soup, soups, pickle, pickles, peas, Pliofilm, Good Year, baby, babies, dog, dogs, Gaines Meal, dog food, pork and beans, mixer, mixers, Hemo, Borden’s Hemo, Vermont Maid Syrup, maple syrup, home, homes, house, houses, turkey, turkeys, Swanson, mayflower fresh donuts, donut, donuts, Cellophane, Du Pont, Fleischmann’s Fresh Yeast, yeast, Borden’s ice cream, milk, cow, cows, cattle, Life Savers, Pep o Mint, Clapp’s Baby Foods, bacon, broccoli, Mint Cocktail Chewing Gum, Warrens, ham, Armour Star, steak, Frecnh’s Worcestershire Sauce, meat, meats, roast beef, American Meat Institute, Monarch, lion, lions, farm, farmers, farmer, farms, JujyFruits, candy, candies, lamb steak, lamb roast, ice cream, Lady Borden Ice Cream

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