Illustration – 1960-1969

Illustration – 1960-1969

tags: illustration, illustrations, drawing, drawings, etching, etchings, print, prints, engraving, engravings, pen and ink, pen, ink, scene, scenes, woodcut, woodcuts, woodblock, woodblocks, story, stories, illustrated stories, illustrated story, advertisement, advertisements, paintings, painting, ad, ads, figure, figures, landscape, landscapes, home, homes, cut paper, cut paper drawing, cut paper drawings, car, cars, automobiles, automobile, cartoon, cartoons, comic, comics, cartoon panel, cartoon panels, gag, gags, Esquire, Jim McMullan, Frank Bozzo, Richard Smith, The Pageantry of Christmas, Rowland B. Wilson, Harvey Dinnerstein, party, parties, portrait, portraits, travel poster, travel posters, Bob Peak, Margaret Keane, child, children, cat, cats, A.D. Steinlen, mountain, mountains, snake, snakes, lion, lions, rabbit, rabbits, bird, birds, owl, owls, fairy tale, fairy tales, Rip Van Winkle, Vogue, boat, boats, ship, ships, shopping, ocean, sea, cigarette, cigarettes, flatware, hyena, hyenas, coyote, coyotes, fox, foxes, dingo, dingos, gym set, gym sets, flower, flowers, Harper’s Bazaar, Bernie Fuchs, Andre Larcheveque, Brasilia, fashion illustration, fashion illustrations, Peter Max, psychedelic art, psychedelic, The Saturday Evening Post, winter olympics, exercise, exercising, Jack Potter, alcohol, plane, planes, airplane, airplanes, romance, romantic, romantics, Lucia, EVE, van, vans, truck, trucks, swimming, swimmer, swimmers, swim, swimming pool, pool, pools, television, televisions, stereo, stereos, radio, radios, clock, clocks, record player, record players, Look on the Light Side, forest, forests, squirrel, squirrels, tree, trees, lettering, hand lettering, letters, letter, native american, native americans, Ray Prohaska, couple, couples, The New York Times, Russell Patterson, skiing, skier, skiers, leaf, leaves, pineapple, blueberry, blueberries, orange, oranges, tomato, tomatoes, pear, pears, camping, campsite, campsites, camper, campers, greeting card, greeting cards, cow, cows, cattle, bull, bulls, carrot, carrots, calendar, calendars, Betsy McCall, sun, suns, Ronald Schwerin, Birney Lettick, Hong Kong, baking, Milton Glaser, art deco, Celestino Piatti, giraffe, giraffes, alligator, alligators, spider, spiders, octopus, seal, seals, chicken, chickens, monkey, monkeys, elephant, elephants, Today’s Living, eyeball, eyeballs, Gerald Scarfe, Ted Giavis

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