Illustration – 1950-1959

Illustration – 1950-1959

tags: illustration, illustrations, drawing, drawings, etching, etchings, print, prints, engraving, engravings, pen and ink, pen, ink, scene, scenes, woodcut, woodcuts, woodblock, woodblocks, story, stories, illustrated stories, illustrated story, advertisement, advertisements, paintings, painting, ad, ads, figure, figures, landscape, landscapes, bacon, couple, couples, Rudolph F. Zallinger, Life, portrait, portraits, family, families, soldier, soldiers, war, camera, cameras, Home Life in America, Haddon Sundblom, Fred Siebel, Douglass Crockwell, rural, fashion illustration, fashion illustrations, George Hughes, Jon Whitcomb, americana, america, party, parties, Boris Artzybasheff, violence, violent, car, cars, automobile, automobiles, George Garland, Kurt Arde, Time, Soprano Callas, Paul Burns, truck, trucks, airplane, airplanes, horse, horses, Stan Ekman, bloody, blood, cityscape, city, cities, romantic, romance, squid, valentine, valentines, comic, comics, cartoon panel, cartoon panels, gag, gags, Esquire, home, homes, house, houses, The Saturday Evening Post, Journal, American Airlines, tree, trees, nature, woods, lamb, lambs, sheep, elk, Norman Rockwell, John Falter, dog, dogs, farm, farms, farmer, farmers, rural, True The Man’s Magazine, train, trains, wealth, wealthy, rich, riches, Harold Von Schmidt, Robert Thom, egyptian, egyptians, Robert E. Howard, John Gannam, teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, coffeepot, coffeepots, silverware, mouse, mice, wolf, wolves, goat, goats, bird, birds, pelican, pelicans, cheetah, cheetahs, fox, foxes, goose, geese, vulture, vultures, swan, swans, Ben Stahl, fighting, fight, fighter, fighters, ice skating, ice skater, ice skaters, chef, chefs, submarine, submarines, monkey, monkeys, elephant, elephants, pig, pigs, cow, cows, cattle, chicken, chickens, rooster, roosters, Ugo Mochi, Mike Ludlow, Dong Kingman, Paul C. Burns, David Stone Martin, Varady, Verner Witting, travel poster, travel posters, coca-cola, coke, Robert Moore, Morgan Kane, Joe De Mers, Pepsi, Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus, Crime and Punishment, squirrel, squirrels, racoon, racoons, General Dynamics, Mino Maccari, Aaron Bohrod, R. Taylor, Richard Decker, B. Tobey, Cobean, Fortune, Mitchell Jamieson, Roy McKie, Frank Tinsley, Joseph Schindelman, Alan Lefkort, Patrick Fitzgerald, Richard Osborn, Lester Rossin, Elisabeth Dauber, Walter Einsel, Scott Johnson, Rene Bouche, Erik Blegvad, Marce Mayhew, John Barton, smoking, smoker, smokers, cigarette, cigarettes, hot air balloon, hot air balloons, Fred Steffen, Edward Klauck, W.W. Denslow, James Lewicki, Lucia, Walter Biggs, Bob Hilbert, masonic lodge, odd fellows, rebekahs, fraternal, fellowship, fabrizio clerici, la tribuna illustrata

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