Illustration – 1920-1929

Illustration – 1920-1929

tags: illustration, illustrations, drawing, drawings, etching, etchings, print, prints, engraving, engravings, pen and ink, pen, ink, scene, scenes, woodcut, woodcuts, woodblock, woodblocks, story, stories, illustrated stories, illustrated story, Carl Gadau, figures, figure, religious, religious illustration, religious illustrations, F.G. Cooper, The Saturday Evening Post, Rip Van Winkle, painting, paintings, lettering, letters, hand lettering, letter, Ferdinand Von Keller, art deco, Norman Rockwell, Edward C. Caswell, Coblence, advertisement, advertisements, ad, ads, comic, comics, cartoon, cartoon panel, cartoon panels, Bavaria, Travel Magazine, landscape, landscapes, town, towns, Arabian, J.L.G. Ferris, News From Mount Vernon, The American Weekly, Betty and Bill and Their Love Through the Ages, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Eternal Savage, watercolor, watercolors, Laura Lee Hope, Six Little Bunkers at Happy Jim’s, Kathleen and the Great Secret, Nell Brinkley, The Reeses, Jude Magazine, James Montgomery Flagg, screen print, screen prints, Kupenheimer, J. Alexander Scott, Charles Eneu Johnson and Company, gag, gags, George Grosz, Henry Raleigh, the land of play, kayren draper, bunny, bunnies, rabbit, rabbits, duck, ducks, children playing, child’s play


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