Book Jackets – 2010 – Non-Fiction

Book Jackets – 2010 – Non-Fiction

tags: book jacket, book jackets, book cover, book covers, graphic design, book design, cover design, book cover design, book jacket design, design, jacket design, typography, type, lettering, The Secret of Chanel No. 5, Tilar J. Mazzeo, Archie Ferguson, Catherine Casalino, Daniel Menaker, A Good Talk, The Art of Tangled, Jeff Kurtti, SMOG Design, Made By Hand, Mark Frauenfelder, The Power of Pull, John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, Lang Davison, Thomas Beck Swan, Robin Bilardello, Neon Angel, Cherie Currie, Tony O’Neill, Ben Wiseman, What Technology Wants, Kevin Kelly, John Cage, Being Again, Kenneth Silverman, Barbara de Wilde, Lisa Force, From Head to Hand, David Levi Strauss, 1927 and the Rise of Modern America, Charles J. Shindo, Pushcart Prize XXXIV, Bill Henderson, Making Ideas Happen, Scott Belsky, Globish: How the English Language Became the World’s Language, Robert McCrum, Being Wrong, Kathryn Schulz, Keenan, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Christianity, Jen Wang, Oliver Sacks, The Mind’s Eye, Chip Kidd, The Tuning of Place, Richard Coyne, Patrick Ciano, J.D. Salinger, Kenneth Slawenski, Christopher Sergio, Bounce, Matthew Syed, Fifth Avenue 5 A.M., Sam Wasson, Mumtaz Mustafa, Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich, The Genius in All of Us, David Shenk, Art Love Friendship, Thomas McEvilley, Bruce McPherson, Patti Ratchford, Martin Lemelman, Two Cents Plan, Charlotte Strick, Roland Barthes, Mourning Diary, Mark Melnick, Christopher Finch, Chuck Close Life, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, Diane Ravitch, Ariana Abud, James Kaplan, John Fontana, Frank The Voice, David Shoemaker, Guy Deutscher, Through the Language Glass, Chin-Yee Lai, Caravagio, Andrew Graham-Dixon, Carmen Harris, Becoming Animal, David Abram, Art and Science, Stephen Wilson, The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol, John Wilcock, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Sandy Drooker, Harriet Elinor Smith, Haunted Houses, Corinne May Boltz, Michael Worthington, Peter Buchanan-Smith, Shawn Hasto, And the Pursuit of Happiness, Maria Kalman, Black Kat Design, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Donald E. Pease, Self Comes to Mind, Antonio Damasio

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