Book Jackets – 2010 – Design

Book Jackets – 2010 – Design

tags: book jacket, book jackets, book cover, book covers, graphic design, book design, cover design, book cover design, book jacket design, design, jacket design, typography, type, lettering, Everything is Made, Bob Smith, Roberta Smith, Simple Times, Amy Sedaris, 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, Tony Mott, Spectrum, Cathy Fenner, Arnie Fenner, Julius Shulman: Chicago Mid-Century Modernism, Gary Gand, Zand Gee, Architecture of the Sun, Thomas S. Hines, Green Dragon Office, Ina Saltz, Body Type 2, American Art Museum Architecture, Eric M. Wolf, Wendy Lai, Peter Dyer, Just My Type, Simon Garfield, Edith Head, Jay Jorgensen, Thierry Mugler, Galaxy Glamour, Daniele Bott, Underwear Fashion in Detail, Eleri Lynn, The Package Design Book, Jean Jacques, Brigitte Evrard, New Ornamental Type, Steven Heller, Gail Anderson, Graphis Poster Annual 2011, Fashioning Fashion, Abbott Miller, Kristen Spilman, Supergraphics, Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy, Art of McSweeney’s, American Illustration 29, Sam Weber

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