Book Jackets – 2010 – Art – History & Surveys

Book Jackets – 2010 – Art – History & Surveys

tags: book jacket, book jackets, book cover, book covers, graphic design, book design, cover design, book cover design, book jacket design, design, jacket design, typography, type, lettering, Rob Grom, The Flatiron, Alice Sparberg Alexiou, Holly Macdonald, Titian The Last Days, Mark Hudson, American Moderns on Paper, Peter Good, Quilts 1700-2010, Sue Prichard, Varieties of Romantic Experience, Susan Marsh, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead, Rick Meyerowitz, Laura Lindgren, Diaghilev, Jane Pritchard, Asian Art Now, Melizza Chiu, Benjamin Genocchio, David Blankenship, The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Influence Magazine, Norberto Angeletti, Alberto Oliva, Peter Miles, Made in Russian, Michael Idov, From Hieroglyphics to Isotype, Otto Neurath, Calder to Warhol, The History of American Graffiti, Roger Gastman, Caleb Neelon, Andy Warhol and the Can That Sold the World, Gary Indiana, Anita van de Ven, Artists Against the War, Arnie Fenner, Komiks, Jose Alaniz, Imagining the Past in France, Elizabeth Morrison, Anne D. Hedeman, Rethinking Curating, Beryl Graham, Sarah Cook, Postcards of the Wiener Werkstatte, Wisdom Embodied, Treasures of Heaven, Fra Angelico to Leonardo, Hugo Chapman, Marzia Faietti, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Andreas Marks, Art of the Middle East, Saeb Eigner, American Portrait Miniatures, Seductive Subversion, Purtill Family Business, Constructive Spirit, Harrah Lord, Italian Medieval Sculpture, The Drawings of Bronzino, Annamarie McMahon Why, An Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry, Wes Davis, Venice Canaletto and his Rivals, The Mourners, Zach Hooker, German Master Drawings, Storytelling Time

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