War & Armed Conflict – 2001-Present – (General)

War & Armed Conflict – 2001-Present – (General)

tags: war, wars, armed conflict, armed conflicts, fighting, fight, soldier, soldiers, weapon, weapon, battle, battle, troops, gun, guns, attack, attacks, attacking, attacker, American troops, Kosovo, gun, guns, tank, tanks, helmet, helmets, camo, camouflage, Israeli troops, Iyad Allawi, boot camp, boot camps, training, rifle, rifles, National Guardsmen, National Guard, Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street, OWS, tank, tanks, ambulance, ambulances, HMMWV, M996, mini-ambulance, mini-ambulances, M998, M1025, M1113, military vehicles, military vehicles, poverty, port-au-prince, haiti, shaul schwartz, alexandra boulat, hamas, gaza, alexandra boulat, abbas, ziv koren, victim, victims, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, militant, militants, myanmar, kachin independence army

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