War & Armed Conflict – 1991-Present – (Africa)

War & Armed Conflict – 1991-Present – (Africa)

tags: war, wars, armed conflict, armed conflicts, fighting, fight, soldier, soldiers, weapon, weapon, troops, gun, guns, attack, attacks, attacking, attacker, Africa, African conflict, African conflicts, Congolese, Kayna, starvation, rebels, rebel, green line, Mogadishu, Monrovia, Liberia, civil war, machine gun, machine guns, gangs, gang, hospital, hospitals, Bunia, Miriki, clinic, clinics, Congo, Uganda, Kampala Road, ruins, looting, Karamoja, Mbarara, Tanzanian troops, darfur, sudan, james nachtwey VII, kirinding camp, refugee, refugees, hut, huts, desert, clinic, clinics, janjaweed, militiamen, riad camp, al-junatnah, Zumbe, niger delta, nigeria, mend, movement for the emancipation of the niger delta, insergents

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