Theater – Productions – E-H

Theater – Productions – E-H

tags: theater, theaters, production, productions, theater production, theater productions, set, sets, set design, set designs, actor, actors, actresses, actresses, performance, performer, performers, performing, show, shows, play, plays, Fiorello, Pat Stanley, Raymond Massey, Christopher Plummer, Fridolin, James Bolan, Timothy Bateson, Denise Coffey, Four Thousand Brass Halfpennies, A Flea in Her Ear, John Stribe, Geraldine McEwan, Edward Hardwicke, Albert Finney, Sheila Reid, Petronella Barker, A Gift of Fury, Maurice Argent, Tom Rosqui, Duchanne von Loeweafeldt, Beatrice Manley, Alan Mandell, Niva Fowler, Ruth Brewer, Wilils Steves, Jack Waldron, Gossip, Jill Klein, Galileo, Tom Fleming, Ed Hall, Richard Kneeland, Grey Gardens, Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, The Gin Game, The Hands of God, A History of the American Film, godspell

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