tags: texture, textures, pattern, patterns, implied texture, implied textures, botanical, botanicals, wood, tactile texture, tactile textures, leather, feather, feathers, nature, cloth, cloths, linen, fabric, fiber, fibers, rock, rocks, bark, carpet, carpets, netting, net, nets, butterfly wing, butterfly wings, breading, food, leaves, leaf, mud, dirt, icicle, icicles, screen, screens, metal, metals, cave, caves, cave wall, cave walls, textile, textiles, pillow, pillows, rug, rugs, blanket, blankets, siding, fern, ferns, spore, spores, washers, button, buttons, ocean life, sea life, sea plant, sea plants, ocean plant, ocean plants, concrete, clay, flower, flowers, sunflower, sunflowers, sea anemone, sea anemones, cotton, snake skin, snake skins, chain, chains, paneling, panel, panels, stone, stones, Joseph Mulligan, copper-ore, bubble, bubbles, crypton, crypton fabric, huipil, i-d, sensory printing, jonathan mccabe, vincent lappartient


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