tags: robot, robots, Roswell, mechanics, mechanical, robotics, robotic, mechanism, mechanisms, Nam  June Paik, Andy Warhol, humanoid, humanoids, Klatu, B.O.B., GENUS, medical, medical robot, medical robots, technology, technological, artificial arm unit, artificial arm units, Harvey, ASIMO, remote control, remote controlled, remote controlled device, remote controlled devices, Jim Hill, Pulsar, Felix, caterpillar-tracked robot, caterpillar-tracked robots, Gort, The Day the Earth Stood Still, science, scientific, mechanical hand, mechanical hands, ApriAlpha, Toshiba, Takara, Walkie Bits, iCat, Nuvo, toy, toys, artificial hand, artificial hands, SPERRY, SMRT-1, keijiro yamamoto, power assist suit, kraftwerk, micro-copter, nathan williamson, max aguilera-hellweg, armed robot, armed robots, war robot, war robots, robot soccer, robot soccer team, robot soccer teams, robocup, humanoid, humanoids, barthoc, roboticist, hiroshi ishiguro, pr2, mail robot, mail robots, domestic robot, domestic robots, american museum of atomic energy, american museum of science and energy, robotic arm, robotic arms, actroid-der, nick mayer, lifenaut project, bina48, robotic head, robotic heads, humanoid, humanoids, bina rothblatt


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