Colors +++

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tags: color, colors, color swab, color swabs, color wheels, color wheel, color chart, color charts, gouache, shade, shades, tint, tints, color theory, paint, paints, watercolor, watercolors, pigment, pigments, cloth, crayon, crayons, design, home design, tie dye, swatch, swatches, home goods, color sample, color samples, paint cans, paint can, Dr. Ph. Martin, liquid, pattern, patterns, makeup, hue, hues, stripes, stripe, rainbow, rainbows, CMKY, RGB, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white, black, Crayola, barbara kruger, infrared, infrared photography, temperature, heat, mars, mars surface, pantone, pantone plus series, moleskine, moleskines, adobe, stavia blend, pantone, specifier, color guide, guide, jonathan mccade, olafur eliasson

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