Art – Folk Art

Art – Folk Art

tags: folk, naive art, outsider art, self-taught art, decorative, American, sculpture, painting, drawing, Slovakia, tribal, relic, relics, Indian, totem pole, totem, mask, masks, Alaska, Native American, headdress, figureheads, ornaments, ornament, toys, textile, textiles, cloth, Czechoslovakia, Nova Scotia, wood carving, bust, busts, carving, bones, bone, portrait, jewelry, jewels, circus, patriotic, patriotism, animals, pottery, ceramics, crafts, Americana, weather vanes, needlework, tapestry, quilts, whirligig, Hungarian, New England, rooster, roosters, Uncle Sam, metalworking, furniture, Morris Hirshfield, antique, keith stokes, bob weeks, m.t. ligett, donald cordry, basket weaving, basket, baskets, basketmaker, basketmakers, embroidering, embroidery, loom, looms, god’s eye, god’s chair, weaver, weavers



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