Advertising – Corporate Identity Industry & Utility – Pre 1950 +++

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Advertising – Corporate Identity Industry & Utility – Pre 1950

tags: graphic design, design, advertisement, advertising, ad, ads, advertisements, corporate identity, industry, utility, utilities, industries, corporate identities, corporate advertisement, corporate advertisements, corporate advertising, clearing machine corporation, clearing press, clearing presses, pirate, pirates, umbrella, umbrellas, factory, factories, McNally Pittsburg, milk, Douglas, boxing glove, boxing gloves, AI research, piano, pianos, Babcock and Wilcox, bower roller bearings, sunglasses, car, cars, Chatham Upholstery, A.C. horn company inc., graph, graphs, the Davidson Chemical Corporation, Comptometer, Mack, IBM, CMC Clearing, The International Nickle Company, kitchen, kitchens, Federal Reserve Bank Building, Indiana Limestone, telephone, telephones, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Stone and Webster, hand, hands, Eberhard Faber, liquid coal, black liquor, combustion engineering, Quality Glidden Products, Kreolite Floors, Western Electirc, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, geese, goose, American-Standard, American Cyanamid Company, Synthane, Iowa Development Commission, Monsanto Chemicals and Plastics, York Refrigeration air-conditioning, beer, cheese, crackers, gum, New York Central System, fan, fans, The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company, projector, projectors, Simmons, Dietzgen, Hewitt Robins Incorporated, Lufkin, H.H. Robertson Company, American Telegraph and Telephone Company, General Electric, iron, irons, The Udylite Corporation, Shell Chemical Company, Standard Oil Company of California, The Denver Post, General American Transportation Corporation, basket, baskets, The Kuljian Corporation, Combustion Engineering-Superheater Incorporated, Houston Pipe Line Company, Dustube Dust Collectors, cake, ice cream, jelly, bread, Cappel McDonald and Company, Hagan Corporation and Subsidiaries, Mallory, Allied Structural Steel Companies, United States Rubber Company, Roebling, Marvinol, Continental Can Company, Pneumatic Oronite Chemical Company, Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, Spencer Chemical Company, Ebasco Services, Bell Telephone System, Robert and Company Associates, St. Regis Paper Company, Du Pont Plastics, Baltimore and Ohion Railroad, H.E. Beyster Corporation, Witco Chemical Company, Union Pacific Railroad, cow, cows, cattle, bean, beans, peach, peaches, Packaging and Bottling Machinery, Bank Building and Equipment Corporation, sheep, Houston Pipe Line Company, Buick Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, Industrial Los Angeles County, Santa Fe System Lines, E.R. Squibb and Sons, Association of American Railroads, Oil Industry Information Committee, Union Oil Company of California, Mobilier Metallique De Bureau, Eiffel Tower, Jenkins Valves, Acme Visible Records Incorporated, E.B. Badger and Sons Corporation, Federal Printing Company, Hambleton and Company, Celotex, Lockheed Aircraft, Automatic, businessman, businessmen, plane, planes, General American, The McBee Company, Foote Brothers, transmission, transmissionsjenkins valves, spher-o-honed, bower, bower roller bearings, erie railroad, industry, industrial, industrial advertising, houston pipe line company, factories, factory, the travelers, the travelers insurance company, stone & webster incorporated, stone and webster incorporated, bower, bower roller bearings, roller bearings, kreolite floors, speed nuts, tinnerman, fastenings, hotpoint, mcnally pittsburg, synthane, pittsburgh paints, the columbia gas system inc., the columbia gas system, foote brothers, foote bros, american cyanamid company, roebling, automatic electric trucks, propaganda, corporate propaganda, natural oil and fluid seals, aero service corporation, aero, acme visible records

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